There’s nothing like a nice relaxing PAMPER DAY with your favorite choice of wine. Have you ever had a SPA DAY at home? Most of the time I do my own, there are tons of benefits to this…money saved in your pocket, no waiting time + ALL THE WINE YOU CAN HOLD!

What would you include in your pamper package? Facials, Pedi/mani, etc. Let’s plan together a DIY pamper package. YAY! Put the kids and Hubby or Significant Other to bed (IT’S ME TIME TONIGHT FAM!) Turn on soft music or sounds of water. Pour a glass of wine of your choice, cut up some cucumbers for your eyes and create a DIY facial mask. There are tons of DIY facial mask, Me personality I try them all GIRLFRIEND Doesn’t this sound fun and rejuvenating?

Now let’s create a checklist:

Kids/Husband to bed √
Wine √
Candles √
Foot Tub √
Favorite Polish √
DIY Facial Mask √
Cucumbers √
Music √
Lotion √
Foot scrub √
Helpful Tip: When I give myself a pedicure I add vinegar and Listerine (The Blue kind preferred) in my water. It breaks up the dead skin easily to wipe away. It works wonders.

What’s on your list?

After your Exfoliation Day, you will feel so refreshed and ready for your usual day ahead but looking FABULOUS!

Schedule a date/time of your appointments with yourself as you would going to the salon. No interruptions, no kids, no hubby just you on your time. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF





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