Have you ever heard about this company called IPSY? While discussing on Facebook in a group forum that I’m associated with , they were sharing a photo of their cute little cosmetic bag with some make goodies inside.Now. me being a makeup addict, I wanted to know more about this company.

So I went to https://www.ipsy.com to see what the fuss was about. In order to receive these goodies, you have to sign up to their subscription which is $10.00 a month. So, I said why not it’s only $10.00. I signed up, Every month they inform you a head of time of the products that you will be receiving, just a heads up kind of thing.

These are travel size products. In this photo I received some nice products to try:

  • Maracuja Oil by Tarte 0.5 oz
  • Color Is Bae Red Lacquer by Elizabeth Mott .14 0z
  • The Balm Mascara by Mad Lash 0.27 oz
  • Formula X red nail polish by Sephora
  • Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer by Pur-lisse .05 oz

I researched these products, these items are pricey even for the travel size ouch! When I first received these items, in my mind I was thinking (I don’t want travel size products) but these are high-end brand products and for only $10.00 a month it didn’t look bad at all anymore! She’s spoiled right, yeah I know.

So I decided to cancel my subscription but I plan to resubscribe soon.Christmas was coming up plus I have two birthdays to devote my money to in December.

I think you should sign up and see what you get and let me know.


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