Needed Time To Mourn

Hello Guy’s it’s been a while since I posted…..

If you’ve read my last post, then you aware of the lost that happened in my family. But if you haven’t my niece was killed back in Sept 2017 which caused a significant amount of pain that will never go away.

I needed time to get myself together because this was something unbearable, the pain that I feel could never be explained. How do we explain to her son that his mother’s life was taken by an evil person? This senseless killing has to end! In this day in age, there is no remorse or feelings, after someone has taken a life. I do not understand. How do you take a life and continue on as if you did nothing? Yes the killer is still out there!

Have you ever lost someone from a senseless crime?

How did you cope with it? 

All I can do is take it one day at a time and remember the happy times our family shared with my niece. I just wanted to vent a little bit. But I have to keep moving forward and dwell on the positive things or else this situation will drag me deep into a dark place.

On a positive and happier note, we have a lot to catch up on. Just a couple things that I will be posting soon.

  • I am in a Reebok campaign, I will post pictures of the cute shoes they sent me. 
  • I am on a “no meat challenge”, I will post recipes and discussion of my journey on that.

There’s plenty more so stay tuned. 

I have to do some minor updates to my blog, it needs it!

Rest In Heavenly Peace Niece…….Luv you!

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